Preparing the Heart

Preparing the Heart

When I began to seek God daily about 15 years ago, in no way did I expect to get to the place I am today.  I merely set out to respond to the tug of God on my inner life. I desired his presence, so I set out to seek him. Little did I know, I was setting out to prepare my heart to be formed by him.


Preparation of the heart was one of the greatest elements in determining the course of a king's life. Two kings reflect these two outcomes.


“And he did evil, because he did not prepare his heart to seek the Lord.”
2 Chronicles 12:14

And Jehoshaphat

“Nevertheless good things are found in you, in that you have removed the wooden images from the land, and have prepared your heart to seek God.”
2 Chronicles 19:3

The same is true today for you and me. What we prepare our heart to entertain sets the course of our life decisions, on a day to day basis. Growth happens so naturally, however, how we mature as we grow is a very intentional journey. We cannot run haphazardly through life and hope to mature in godliness. Godliness is a daily discipline, it is a preparation of the heart.

Growth happens naturally.
How we mature is a very intentional journey.

“The preparation of the heart belongs to man, But the answer of the tongue is from the Lord.” Proverbs 16:1

By preparing the heart I make room for God to move within my interior life. This preparation is to bend the disposition of a life towards the will and presence of God.  Without a heart predisposed to God it will be difficult to sense the movements of God in the deep places of our lives.

Preparing the heart incorporates disciplines practiced on a daily basis that give God space within. Disciplines like silence, solitude, fasting, prayer, remembrance of God and more. However, though I can spend all day long disciplining my heart, the formation of the heart takes place when God sovereignly moves to instruct, teach, guide, and transform.

As Proverbs 16:1 states, “The answer of the tongue is from the Lord.” This essentially says that, while it is our role to prepare our heart, it is God’s role to form our heart. Jesus said, “Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.” The tongue speaks what is in the heart, the answer of the tongue that is from the Lord is the answer of a heart that is formed by God. When we prepare our heart to follow God, God begins to form us in ways that we could never have imagined.

Formation of the heart is the work of God’s grace.
The role of man is to place himself in submission.
The role of God is to instruct and lead.


Formation of the heart is the work of God's grace. The role of man is to place himself in submission, the role of God is to instruct and lead. Without preparation, formation is difficult to sustain. Preparing the heart without recognizing the role of the presence of God leads to dry religion, attempting to form the heart without preparing space for God to move leads to soulish self-help that is unsustainable.

The last year and half spent with the Desert Fathers and Mothers has absolutely convinced me of this principle. The fathers and mothers of the Egyptian desert spent their time preparing their hearts to encounter the presence of God. When God came, the growth was exponential and sustained by His presence.

When the longing for God comes…do not allow yourself to destroy it, but take the utmost care, so as to give it full opportunity to remain within you as long as possible.
— Theophan the Recluse

Updates and How You Can Join Us in Our Present Journey

I have recently finished work on the first manual in a series of courses called “Preparing the Heart.”

The first manual deals with preparing the heart to hear God, and is focused on equipping people to hear God for themselves and for others.

It is the result of the last ten years worth of teaching on hearing the voice of God. Very soon those manuals will be printed and ready to go. Your support has made this process possible - THANK YOU.


There are, however, many financial needs that must be met in order to see this project (and others) come to fruition.

I have finished the bulk of my writing and research for the desert fathers and mothers project. Now comes the gruelling process of editing, reformatting, and editing again.

There are two more manuals to work on in the Preparing the Heart course series. As well, there is the video series on spiritual disciplines and the teachings of the desert fathers and mothers that I have recently embarked upon. There are also other projects we are biding our time on and preparing the work for.

Some exciting news about Erin

Erin’s heart and attention right now (along with being an amazing mom), is to pursue the HeartSync training modules in her ongoing desire to marry professional counselling with inner healing. The first leg of that journey entails her traveling to California in September to attend the Level 1 and Level 2 training.

We have included you in this update because you have let us know you care about us and want to follow our journey. Some of you have most graciously given in the past and some of you may have it on your heart to support us in the future. We are deeply grateful.

Erin and I are now reaching out to you with the thought of  supporting us on an ongoing basis. We are just getting started in beginning to flesh out our newly formed mandate at Wind Ministries and all that God is calling us to accomplish.  Your prayerful support, and your financial support is key in fulfilling the destiny that God has placed upon our lives.

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Joshua and Erin Hoffert

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