The Gift of God - A May Baby

The Gift of God - A May Baby

Dear Friends and Family,

Thank you so much for all that you are doing to make it possible to further this ministry. As we are blessed by your prayers and giving, we are confident the Lord will bless you in return.

On May 12, 2018, at 1:30AM we welcomed our newest little boy, Cassian Parker Hoffert into this world.


Things could not have gone better for Erin and the baby during childbirth. Cassian clocked in at 7lbs 7oz, and was 19.5 inches long. Cassian was also a desert father in the 4th-5th century AD, and I've written about him here: Abba Cassian the Ascetic.

Naturally, Erin has begun the process of recovery and we have been spending time as a family finding our rhythm. Savannah and Finley are in love with their new brother and have been adjusting well to the additional family member (a few tantrums not withstanding).

The next 6 months are shaping up to be a busy time for Wind Ministries. I have a full plate scheduled for the fall, and have a number of projects I am hoping to finish up by the end of summer.

Considerations for prayer:

  • We are working out details for a California trip in the summer, please pray that this would come together.

  • We are working on an Asia trip for the fall, many details still need to fall into place, please keep the Streams Asia team in your prayers as they work through the paperwork of making this happen.

  • Erin’s continued recovery.

  • Financial provision for the Hoffert family, as well as funds for furthering the goals of this ministry.

The birth of Cassian has driven me to reflect on the path of fatherhood. The Lord spoke to me a while ago regarding the formula for raising children. More specifically, that there is not one. Our daughter Savannah has recently turned 5, and Finley is about to turn 3. They could not be more different from each other.

In order to help those who we are called to influence, challenge, and call to deeper maturity it requires our investment into their uniqueness. If I try and engage Finley the exact same way that I engage Savannah I will be disappointed, they will be disappointed, and we won’t get very far. But if I take the time to get to know my children, I am better suited and able to help them grow, and convey my love for them uniquely and individually. As a leader my investment into those I lead has to be personal.

There is no formula to relationship. Sure there are guiding principles, but each of us are so vastly different it will take investment into each other in order to better love one another.

As I sat holding Savannah in the weeks after she was born, I began to hear the Lord whisper to me, “As you are with her, so I am with you.” This refrain echoed in my heart constantly.  As I stared at my beautiful baby daughter I was wildly in love with her. She had never done anything to earn it either. God knows me personally, and pulled my heart in the exact way he knew would impact me profoundly. As we demonstrate our commitment to one another, we really demonstrate the heart of God one to another.

May your life be about serving those who God has placed around you. We couldn’t do this without your support. We are honoured to be walking this journey alongside each and every one of you.


Josh, Erin, Savannah, Finley, and Cassian Hoffert

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