Dark Nights

Dark Nights

Dedicated to anyone who has ever struggled through dark night seasons.


Inside of man there lies a tumultuous city, a far cry from the lovely city the King of Kings longs to dwell within. This city of is full of swirling thoughts, shifting emotions, unsteady morality, and swinging dispositions. It is anything but steady.

You are created for something greater than what you currently know. There is a movement within you that longs for and strives towards peace. However, the tumult of man nearly negates this journey.

Growth in the spiritual life is intended to destroy this tumult and restore order. The spiritual life deals with the interior life of man.

What is happening inside?  

Is it chaos?  

Is it order?

Is it peace?

Is it confusion?

Spiritual maturity is found in eradicating the subconscious, in taking what is hidden in the midst of the inner man, bringing it to light, and bringing redemption. The tumult in the city is merely the beginning. Rest assured, with a little bit of patience, God will create within you a city in which he delights to dwell within.

Periodically, we will enter seasons known as Dark Nights. These writings are intended to bring clarity to those who are struggling through, or have been through just such a season. May you find something of value inside.