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Love is the foundation for good communication.

Hearing God is a course founded on the love of God and His overwhelming desire to communicate with His people. The foundation of any relationship is love; an unwavering commitment to one another. And any relationship is lost without communication. From the prophets of the Old Testament to the in-dwelt presence of the Christian age, the life of God is on display in the heart of every believer. Those who follow God will hear his voice, love his world, and do his exploits. This course is designed to prepare you to hear God more clearly and intimately, for yourself and for others.

Course contains 12 hours of teaching, designed around six two-hour modules. 

Syllabus includes:

  • The Love Gifts

  • The In-Dwelt Presence

  • Presence-based vs Gift-based Ministry Models

  • All Can Hear the Voice of God

  • The Manifestation of the Spirit

  • Unity of the Spirit

  • Defining Prophetic Health

  • Steps Towards Prophetic Health

  • The Ministry of the Prophetic



  • Not required.

**Course is 12 hours and is generally offered as a 2-day intensive (Friday night/all-day Saturday). Workbook may be an additional cost.

Josh is a wonderful teacher and works really well with a pastor – he will adapt/focus his teaching to the area that you feel your church or group needs. He is VERY knowledgeable in both areas of Hearing God’s voice and Dreams, and Dream interpretations. He has helped our church greatly in these areas, as they are both areas we wanted to excel in, as we are using them more and more for outreach. We highly recommend him!

Alf & Pam Dyck, Senior Pastors, River Community Church, Abbotsford, BC