Living the life of God is a journey that encompasses every aspect of your life. 

From conversational relationship to gut-wrenching everyday challenges, God desires to speak to us, to form us, and to deliver us. Too often we find ourselves floundering through life, unaware of how to become truly authentic, spiritual people. What would life be like if you understood how God was speaking to you, what He was saying about others, and how he was forming your heart?  

The Christian life challenges us to become partakers of the divine nature of God. From the prophets of the Old Testament, the Desert Fathers of the early church age, and every subsequent age of church history, men and women have been intensely concerned about walking out a life with God. Becoming a partaker of the divine nature of God is at the heart of the Gospel. Jesus was fully man and fully God, and he lived the truth of this reality out. Grasping the core of this is crucial to living a transformed life, and allowing your life to transform the everyday mundane. 

In our Preparing The Heart course series you will learn how to hear God, walk with God, and release the life of God. Come join the journey of many others as you step into the legacy of spirituality that Christianity has gifted to the world! Each of these courses incorporates teaching, in-class discussion, question and answer sessions, practical exercises and more to help you grow and achieve your unique purpose. Each courses contains 12 hours of teaching, designed around six two-hour modules. 


Course 1

Hearing God

Beginning with the foundations of the love of God and His overwhelming desire to communicate with His people.

Course 2

Forming The Heart

Explores questions such as, "What does scripture mean when it says, ‘The heart is deceitful and wicked?' and ‘What is the heart of God?’ "

Course 3

Revelatory Ministry

Uncover the lifestyle of revelatory ministry, and the deeper principles of the spiritual gifts and how they pertain to everyday life.

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Dive deep into the teachings of the radical men and women of the 3rd-6th century known as the Desert Fathers and Mothers. 

The wisdom inherent in their teaching conveys valuable knowledge and insight into the Christian life today. In an age where the pace of life has increased exponentially these men and women can help us learn the unhindered rhythm of the grace of the Holy Spirit. This conference includes a question and response session and a live discussion segment. 


Learn to recognize the value of your character over your gifting.

This course contains 21 hours of teaching, small group activities, and lots of encouragement to help you overcome your fears, boost your faith, ignite a greater passion for the awesomeness of God, and propel you into your divine destiny.


Does God speak through dreams? 

Why would He use such a mysterious form of communication? 
What does that mean to you? 

This course, developed by John Paul Jackson from more than 30 years of experience and study, has transformed many lives. Come and discover how God uses these messages from eternity to answer questions like: 

  • What does God want to do in this situation in my family, my job, my church, or my nation? 

  • What does God think about me? 

  • Are all dreams from God? 

  • Are there supernatural encounters that happen in dreams? 


Develop your gift of interpreting dreams.

This is an advanced workshop is an instructor-driven intensive workshop experience that develops deep into metaphorical language and the Biblical model of dream interpretation. By applying these techniques to your own dreams, you will mature in your gift. As your skills and ability to listen to the Holy Spirit improves, you’ll be able to share this gift with others by interpreting their dreams.